About Linda

Linda Daniels is dedicated to the healing of the planet – one frequency at a time — from her home in Topeka KS where she currently lives and works.   Linda has explored a broad range of spiritual traditions and vibrational healing systems.

Most recently, Linda was approved as a provisional instructor by Energy Arts to teach Dragon and Tiger Medical Chi Gung  in July 2017.   Linda works with and recommends all of the Energy Arts materials and forms as taught by Taoist Master Bruce Frantzis.

Linda facilitates the Mandala Healing Process developed by Judith Cornell and mentored by Suchinta Abhayaratna.  Linda offers several mandala healing workshops throughout the year, frequently combining this powerful process with the additional power of sound.

Linda has been working with sound since 2002.  She is familiar with shamanic drumming, Native American drumming and Afro-Brazlian trance drumming.  She has been drumming with the local women’s percussion group Women of the Drum since 2003.

More recently she has worked with Jonathan and Andi Goldman, receiving training in toning and other sound healing modalities at their annual Sound Healing Intensive.  Additionally, she has studied the works of John Beaulieu, Tom Kenyon and Anthony Palombo, DO.   In 2015 she received certification from Paul Hubbert for Holographic Sound Healing.

She received her Reiki Masters with Regina Compernolle in 2013.   Last year she was certified by Dr. Norman Shealy to teach his “Sacred Ring” trans-dermal acupuncture system using oils and vibration for the activation of specific meridian point sequences for health benefits.

A member of the Mid-America Indian Fellowships and the Chickamauga Cherokee tribe meeting at the Daksi ceremonial grounds in Butler, MO,  Linda is also a member of the Manataka American Indian Council, working to preserve First Nations history at the sacred site that is now Hot Springs National Park.

Linda was ordained according to the Liberal Catholic Rite by the Neo-Pathagorian Gnostic Church of Chicago in 1986.  She also has received initiation in Wicca (1983) and the Golden Dawn hermetic tradition (1991).  She recieved her Ikofa in the Santerian tradition in 2001 and her Bori ceremony in Candomble in 2005.

Linda majored in English and Philosophy at Northwest Missouri State University and Judaic Studies at University of Missouri Kansas City and has taken some post-graduate classes through Holos University.  Linda also continues to study chi gung and Yang style Taiji Chaun with Bruce Hayden in Topeka KS.


lahv@swbell.net      .loveeachother


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