Healing Our Waters: In Love with the Goddess Oshun

missouririverThursday, March 19
7:00-8:30 pm
Saturday, March 21

West African spiritual traditions in America honor the river as Oshun, the goddess of attraction and love. This event is intended to honor Oshun and to assist in world-wide efforts to heal our waters. Two sessions are offered. Participants no required to attend both sessions; the Saturday healing and offering event is the focus. The Thursday evening session will provide information about Oshun – both as a West African ‘deity’ and as a life giving force on the planet, along with the other water deities, Yemonja and Olokun. A presentation concerning the water crisis on our planet will be provided; Dr. Emoto’s incredible work with water, showing its intelligence and how sound and intention can affect the water, will also be reviewed. The second session meets at noon at the beautiful LaBenite Park in Sugar Creek on the Missouri River where Oshun’s power is very evident. We will create a healing circle using voice, crystal bowls, drums and rattles. Participants should feel free to bring whatever instruments they use for healing although your healing intention and love of the waters is all you need. We will also make an offering of flowers for Oshun. If the weather is nice, a pot-luck picnic can be shared. This bi-annual event, meeting spring and fall, is a devotional offering facilitated by Linda VanBibber, Omo Oshun. This class is offered through Communiversity. Donations are appreciated to help with the cost of offering materials.


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