Peruvian Whistling Vessels

The Peruvian whistling vessels were ‘re-discovered’ in the 1970’s by Daniel Statnekov.  The story of this discovery has been recorded in his book “Animated Earth”.

Statnekov purchased a vessel at an antique auction not knowing what it was or even why he was so drawn to it. At that time, archeologists thought that the strange vessels were amusing containers for water, thinking that the stem was a spout from which liquid could be poured.

On a whim, Statnekov tried blowing into the stem. His experience was so profound that he spent the rest of his life researching the vessels, learning how to make them and distributing them to like-minded spiritual people.

Linda VanBibber, founder of Harmony Energetics, experienced these vessels at the 2013 Jonathan Goldman Sound Healing Intensive. Her experience was also profound, as was the experiences of most of the other participants. So she contacted the only known maker of the vessels and has had a set created for Harmony Energetics.

The whistling vessels are not for everyone. Some people simply cannot tolerate the high-pitched psychoacoustic sound created by the vessels. But if you can tolerate them, the impact is amazing. These vessels create changes. They impact hearing, for instance. After experiencing the vessels Linda reported hearing harmonics in the air conditioner motors. Others had experiences that they related as being very much like psychedelic plant medicines.

Periodically, Harmony Energetics will sponsor gatherings to allow others to experience these amazing vessels. If you are interested in this experience, please contact us and have your name added to the list. 816-833-1129 or

We recommend reading Animated Earth if you are interested in this experience. It is out of print, but offered from several used book sellers on We also have a loan copy that can be checked out; a deposit is required.


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