Workshop Introduction to Dr. Shealy’s Sacred Rings and Bliss Oils

The next workshop for Dr. Shealy’s Sacred Rings will be Saturday, April 11, 2015. We will start at 8:00 am and finish around 8:00 pm. There is a lot to learn! We will be doing hands on applications of the oils and experiencing Dr. Shealy’s meditations for each acupuncture ‘ring’.

oilgroupImprove your health and approach to life with this five-minute daily investment of your time. Dr. ‘Norm’ Shealy, an internationally known expert in the medical field of pain management and renowned holistic health practitioner has ‘intuited’ these five ‘rings’, energy circuits based on the ancient science of acupuncture. Each ring consists of specific acupuncture points that you can stimulate with massage, tapping or with his incredible Bliss Oils, essential oil blends developed specifically for each circuit.

Ring of Fire

Increases DHEARingofFireCircuitsNumbered by 60%
Reduces migraine frequency and intensity
Alleviates depression
Alleviates diabetic neuropathy
Improves rheumatoid arthritis
Aids in weight loss
Improves thyroid function
Alleviates lower back pain

Ring of Air
RingofAirCircuitsNumberedIncreases oxytocin
Alleviates pain
Improves tinnitus
Improves menopausal symptoms
Improves ADHD and OCD
Alleviates PTSD and depression
Improves autism
Alleviates addictive behaviors

Ring of Earth
RingofEarthCircuitsNumberedIncreases calcitonin
Pain relief
Prevents osteoporosis
Assists in the alleviation of neurological disorders – MS, ALS, cerebral palsy and Parkinson
Establishes magnetic connection with the Earth
Overcomes illusions
Assists in overcoming addictions


Ring of Water
RingofWaterCircuitsNumberedBalances aldosterone
Decreases edema
Decreases congestion
Lowers cholesterol
Aids in weight loss
Balances emotions
Stimulates the “Christological Heart” (opens the Heart Chakra)


Ring of Crystal
RingofCrystalCircuitsNumberedFree radical reductions
Regeneration at a cellular level
Regulation of the energetic system




Join us and learn how to live better by stimulating these powerful circuits in your own body!
Class fee includes a sample set of the Bliss Oils and laminated handouts with direction for the stimulation of each Sacred Ring.

The “The Sacred Rings” Workshop –

What to expect – This is nine-hour workshop will teach participants the benefits associated with each specific energy circuit, how to stimulate each circuit with tapping, massage, tuning forks and the Bliss Oils. Instruction includes a meditation with visualizations designed to enhance the overall energy impact of the circuits. Participants will receive a sample set of Dr. Shealy’s five Bliss Oils ($75.00 value) and laminated handouts with diagrams and instructions concerning proper stimulation of the circuits ($20.00 value). Participants will also have the opportunity to order full sets of the oils at a 25% discount anytime within 30 days of the workshop.

What to Bring – Due to variations in dietary requirements you will need to bring your own sack lunch. We have plenty of Kangan water, so no plastic bottles are required. Snacks will be provided for morning and afternoon breaks.

Registration – The cost of the workshop is $151.00 which includes all materials. A $50.00 deposit is required at registration. Contact Linda VanBibber at 816-833-1129 or to register. Credit card payments are accepted for an additional $2.00 fee.

normshealyAbout Dr. Shealy – Dr. Norman Shealy (MD, PhD) is an American neurosurgeon and a pioneer in pain medicine. Dr. Shealy, (or Norm as he prefers to be called) is also a pioneer in holistic medicine, a co-founder of the American Holistic Medical Association and founder of Holos University, which offers graduate studies programs in holistic healing and energy medicine. Dr. Shealy receives inspiration from a spirit guide he refers to as “G”, for ‘guide’. Under “G”’s guidance, he has invented several devises for the alleviation of pain including the transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (TENS™), the spinal cord stimulator and radiofrequency ablation for back pain. In his search for pain control, Dr. Shealy also became skilled in acupuncture. Dr. Shealy graduated from Duke University School of Medicine and completed his training at Duke University Medical Center, Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital.

“Over a 10 year period I discovered five energetic acupuncture circuits which help balance our elemental energies. It began when I first started research on DHEA, dehydroepiandrosterone. I had an insight that natural progesterone should increase DHEA, and indeed it did, by an average of 60%. But that was just not enough, since most people over 40 have levels below 50% of ideals (750 to 1200 ng/dl in men and 500 to 980 in women). So if you start at a level of 200, even a 100% increase does not get you to the ideal! So I pondered what else would raise DHEA. Since DHEA is essentially the chemical battery of Fire energy, I knew that if I stimulated the points that connect the kidneys, the gonads, the adrenals, the thyroid and the pituitary through a Window of the Sky acupuncture point, it could enhance Fire energy. Since there is no pituitary point in Chinese cosmology, I had to intuit that one.” – C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD

And this became the first of the Sacred Rings, The Ring of Fire. The Ring of Fire also regulates the entire endocrine system, especially thyroid. And stimulation of this ‘Ring” of acupuncture points does, indeed, increase in DHEA, as well as alleviating other ‘Fire diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, frequent migraines, depression, chronic back pain and diabetic neuropathy.

About Linda VanBibber – Linda VanBibber is owner of Harmony Energetics, LLC. Linda is works metealbackgroundwith many vibratory healing modalities, including Reiki, sound, color and scent. Linda has studied and worked with Dr. Shealy. Linda is certified to teach Dr. Shealy’s “Sacred Rings”.


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  1. The next workshop for Dr. Shealy’s Sacred Rings will be Saturday, April 11, 2015. We will start at 8:00 am and finish around 8:00 pm. There is a lot to learn! We will be doing hands on applications of the oils and experiencing Dr. Shealy’s meditations for each acupuncture ‘ring’.

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