Bodywork Sessions with George Moon, RN, Now Available


Our friend, George Moon, RN, now has his own business in Excelsior Springs, MO:  Relaxation Station, 113 South Marietta St.  You can reach George for any of the following services at 816-630-5119.


Craniosacral * Reflexology * Myofasicial *Therapeutic Touch

Harmony Energetics is excited to be able to offer reflexology and bodywork sessions with George Moon, RN. There is simply not a more healing thing you can do for your body than experience a session with Mr. Moon. From chronic pain issues to hiatal hernia symptom relief, George’s intuitive and academic knowledge of the human body can offer many healing benefits. And we say this from personal experience – that’s why we are so excited to bring this opportunity closer to the Kansas City metro area!

About George Moon – George Moon, RN, was a founding member of the American Holistic Nurses Association. Trained by his mother, George has been practicing Reflexology for over 50 years. A Holistic Bodywork Therapist for over 30 years, he blends a wide range of healing modalities, including ‘Therapeutic Touch’, Deep Tissue Bodywork, Cranio-sacral Technique, Hydrotherapy, Visceral Massage, Sound Healing and the use of essential oils. As a Registered Nurse, George is able to combine his mechanical knowledge of the body with intuitive energy work.

George traveled to Peru in the 1970’s where he received an Incan elemental initiation at Machu Picchu. Vibration and energy approaches to healing have been a major focus of his work. George has studied Harmonics and Sound Healing with Jonathan and Andi Goldman, founders of the Sound Healers Association, and Dr. Anthony J. Palombo,D.C. author of Sacred Anatomy and specialist in Sound Healing and Attunement.

George’s private practice is in Excelsior Springs, Missouri, but he is now available for sessions at Harmony Energetics on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Call for appointment: 816-833-1129.

Below: George’s interest in bodywork came early.  George is shown here giving a massage to a fellow football team member while still in high school.



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