World Water Day – Healing our Waters with the Goddess Oshun

Kansas City, MissouriHarmony Energetics and Sacred Earth Arts are working together to provide a local opportunity to heal the waters of our planet, starting with our own Big Muddy. The event will occur at noon on Saturday, March 21st on the Missouri River at La Benite Park in Sugar Creek. “Our river eventually empties into the Gulf of Mexica and can carry our healing intentions around the globe,” explains Linda VanBibber, owner of Harmony Energetics.

In preparation for the event, statistics concerning the world water crisis will be reviewed Thursday evening, March 19th at 7:00. Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work with water will also be presented. “Dr. Emoto has demonstrated the intelligence of water and its response to intention and sound,” says Linda. “We can make a difference in the global water crisis by joining our loving intentions here in the Kansas City area”.

We will also honor the West African spirit of the river, Oshun. “Honoring the spirits of nature is traditional for indigenous people,” explains Linda. This honoring makes us more mindful of the physical realities as well. These traditions provide a vast energetic resource for healing. Participants will be encouraged to call upon their own spiritual traditions for healing of the waters. “The important thing is to join our prayers,” she says.

Oshun is also the patron of the local percussion and dance ensemble Women of the Drum, founded by Regina Compernolle, owner of Sacred Earth Arts. “Oshun is also the deity of love and attraction,” says Regina. “She flows with great power, taking away what is no longer needed and bringing what we do need. And she needs us.” Members of Women of the Drum are environmentally conscious, honoring Nature with dance and song.

Participants are encouraged to bring drums, rattles or other sound healing instruments to the event. But healing intentions and love of the water is all that is required. A healing circle using voice to charge waters from the river will be the focus. If the weather is nice, a pot-luck picnic can be shared. This event will be held annually near the spring and fall equinoxes.

Call 816-833-1129 or email for more information.


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