World Sound Healing Day 2015 Press Release

Kansas City, MissouriMusic of the Spheres and Women of the Drum will be offering a free concert at Aquarius in Westport on Friday, February 13th in honor of World Sound Healing Day.

Thirteen years ago recording artist/sound healer Jonathan Goldman had an idea – why not send a sonic Valentine to Mother Earth every year? Since then, World Sound Healing Day has occurred every February 14th. People throughout the planet spend five minutes projecting an “AH” sound filled with love at 12 noon EST (11:00 am in Kansas City, although soundings occur throughout the day.

The “AH” sound opens the heart, which has an electromagnetic field 30-60 times stronger than the brain and brings it into coherence – the heart and brain synchronized with the energy of compassion. When we feel strong emotions our electromagnetic fields ‘broadcast’ these feelings to other biological systems.

Think of yourself as adding your positive feelings to a planetary broadcast of peace. The Global Coherence Project collects data that demonstrates an interactive interface between human electro-magnetic fields and that of the Earth. The most powerful of these occur when the human electro-magnetic field is in a state of coherence.

The Global Consciousness Project charts events of great compassion, finding that random numbers become less random and the usual straight line on a graph becomes a mountainous looking peak. After World Sound Healing Day in 2009, such a peak occurred. “This looks like a confirmation . . .that large scale communal thought and emotion may show up as structure in our data,” observed Roger Nelson, Director of the GCP.

“We are in critical times right now, says Linda VanBibber, owner of Harmony Energetics, LLC and member of Music of the Spheres. “Many of us just don’t know what to do. This is something everyone can do, even children. We hope you will join us Friday, February 13th at Aquarius.” Women of the Drum, local percussion and dance ensemble led by Regina Compernolle, will open the evening followed by a Healing Sound Bath from Music of the Spheres (Ramie Haas, George Moon and Linda). Then everyone will create a healing circle for Mother Earth, raising voices in the “AH” sounding.
For more information call Linda VanBibber, 816-833-1129 or email


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