Healing with the Hathors – February 5, 12, 19 and 26, 7:00 pm

bluehathorThe Hathors are an ascended race of inter-dimensional beings who have been sharing their knowledge of sound and sacred geometry with the human race for aeons. You may recognize the name “Hathor” as the goddess of music from ancient Egypt where the Hathors worked with the ancient mystery schools. Channeled by the internationally recognized psychologist and sound healer, Tom Kenyon, they are intensely interested in our progress towards ascension and inter-dimensional consciousness. We are devoting the four Thursdays in February for learning and working with some of the tools they have provided. Participation requires a commitment to continue the weekly meditations at home. A new meditation will be introduced each week for the first three weeks and all three meditations will be worked with during the final week. These meditations are available on CD with the purchase of the book The Hathor Material by Tom Kenyon. These sessions are an opportunity to experience and discuss the exercises with a group. I will be attending a Holographic Sound Healing Workshop in January and will be able to add a new ‘dimension’ to this work . There is no charge, although donations are always gratefully accepted. Please register in advance, 816-833-1129, laylahv@swbell.net.


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