July 19th – A Workshop Intensive with Dr. Rainbow MoOon

Wisdom Strategies: Chakra Awareness – Beyond the Astral Aura


Dr. Rainbow MoOon has 35 years experience as an Urban Neo-Shaman, Spiritual Consultant, and Professional Intuitive Life Coach. 

She utilizes her Cherokee heritage in conjunction with her years of study in Asian and Comparative Religions to bring to light the core causes of individual pain and suffering and facilitate a transformation of conscious-ness into personal joy, inner awareness, and life fulfillment. 
She has conducted workshops and group intensives in various states and resides in Kansas City, Missouri.
Inner reflection and outer manifestations are provided through private intuitive counseling sessions, spiritual crisis consultation, shamanic healing techniques, and hypnotherapy. These practices have evolved into what she now calls Wisdom Strategies. 

In this age of collective spiritual awakening the Chakra System is more important to the quality of your life than you may realize.  This workshop intensive will:

* Extensively add to what you may already know about the chakras,

* Show you how to explore the Ego/Mind/Body contents of your Chakras, as well as how your behaviors are based on conditioning,

* Help improve your intergenerational relationships

* Demonstrate the effectiveness of a new Chakra Meditation which assists in the shift in consciousness from 3rd to 4th dimension – beyond the Astral Aura.


Harmony Energetics Healing Center, 605 E Red Road, Independence, MO 64050

Saturday, 19 July 2014  ***  9:00 AM – 8:00 PM

$75 (at door)        $55 (early bird discount if paid before 17 Jul)           

Everyone must register even if planning to pay at the door.

To register: email Dr. Rainbow Mooon at rbmooon1946@att.net and request a registration form.   


For further information about the workshop or about Dr. Rainbow Mooon:

913-669-9185    *    rbmooon1946@att.net   *    www.crystalmirrorawakening.com


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