Sound Healing Basics – A Four-Hour Workshop


July 12, 2014       1:00 to 5:00 pm  

Harmony Energetics Healing Center

605 E Red Road, Independence, MO 64055


Class Objectives – For students to acquire an understanding of sound healing including how it works, why it works and how to start using sound for healing.  This class will provide a broad overview of sound healing techniques including singing bowls, tuning forks, chimes and self-created sound, as meditation and healing modalities.  Students will leave with the ability to use sound in a variety of ways for their benefits and the benefit of friends, family and the environment.  $50.00 fee includes a copy of Jonathan Goldman’s “Seven Secrets of Sound Healing”.


Class Materials:

  • Seven Secrets of Sound Healing by Jonathan Goldman
  • Laminated Chakra Vowel Sound Chart
  • Bibliography


Opening –


  • Exercise 1:  Toning postures with OM. Class will open with toning postures to call energy from the Earth and Heavens and mixing these in the heart with the OM tone.
  • Exercise 2:  Diaphragmatic breathing. Class will explore diaphragmatic breathing and discuss toning as ‘breathe work’.  Slow deep breathing not only oxygenates your body and brain, it also slows down your heart rate and brain waves, helping induce states of calm and relaxation.  When you combine focused awareness – intention – with slow deep breathing you assisting your physical and subtle bodies by amplifying the energy of the breath. When you inhales, you etheric body is exhaling; when you exhale, you etheric body is inhaling
  • Exercise 3:  Name toning.  As a means of introducing ourselves in keeping with the objectives of the class we will tone the name of each person in the class while projecting a color and intention of their choice.  This exercise also introduces the concept of intention.


Section I. Tuning Forks for Healing

  • Exercise 1:  Resonant frequency.  Class will explore the concept of resonant frequency through the use of Otto, Endocrine and Organ forks.
  • Exercise 2: Intervals.  Class will exploreIntervals through the use of the Pythagorean Harmonic turning forks.
  • Exercise 3: C&G brain balancing.  Class will learn to use the C&G tuning forks to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain.
  • Exercise 4: Exploring other intervals. Class will be introduced to other tuning forks and fork sets such as the Solfaggio, Angel Tuners, Lemurian Tuners, D ‘n A, etc.





Section II. Self Created Sound – Toning


  • Exercise 1: Review of diaphragmatic breath. 
  • Exercise 2: Toning the Chakras.
  • Exercise 2: Toning with the AH sound. The AH sound is sacred in many cultures, as evidenced by the number of deity names which contain it (Yahwah, Tara, Budddha, Krishna, Yeshua, Wakantanka, Quan Yin, etc.).  The AH sound causes a release of the hormone oxytocin, the trust or cuddle, hormone.  Class will tone the AH sound first with gentle breath, then with a stronger tone and then adding appreciation and an intention of gratitude.
  • Exercise 5: Toning with a partner. The class will use the AH tone to carry intention to a partner and discuss ways in which the AH tone can be used to enhance relationships.


Section IIl. Singing Bowls


  • Exercise 1: History of singing bowls.  Class will learn the ancient history of the Tibetan bowls and more the more recent (and pre-history) history of the crystal bowls.
  • Exercise 2:  Bowls for chakra clearing. Class will learn a few techniques for clearing the chakras and energy work with the bowls.
  • Exercise 3:  Sound healing with bowls.  Class will participate in sound healing demonstrations.


 Section IV. Drums and Rattles


  • Exercise 1. Discussion of the use of percussion to induce healing trance.
  • Exercise 2. Shamanic Journey for a partner.  Class will conduct a short shamanic journey and bring back healing for a partner.



  • Exercise 1. Sound Healing Circle: Class will conduct a healing circle using all the techniques learned in the class: toning the AH sound, bowls, drums, rattles, tuning forks.
  • Exercise2.  The Sacred Scrum: Class will close with the Sacred Scrum.



NOTE: Any single topic presented at this workshop could be the subject for a full day or weekend retreat.  This four-hour workshop is intended to provide a broad overview and some practical application techniques.  Participants will be given a sign-up sheet on which to note subjects about which they are interested in more in depth information.  Future classes or workshop offerings will be planned based on interest levels of participants.


To register or inquire contact Linda VanBibber 816-833-1129 or





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