World Water Day 2014

waterheartHelp Heal Our Waters

Saturday, March 22nd is United Nations World Water Day. This year’s theme is water and energy and the United Nations has several initiatives to raise awareness of the impact of energy generation on our waters. Did you know that 75% of the waste matter that is dumped into our waters is waste from energy production? Groups will be coming together on World Water Day all over the planet to honor the waters and to pray for their healing.
Here in the Kansas City area, Harmony Energetics is gathering people together at noon LaBenite Park on the Missouri River where we will join hearts and minds in a unified intention to HEAL OUR WATERS.
The shelter at the park has been reserved for a pot luck celebration picnic. Bring drums or other instruments, whatever might help you express your love and gratitude to our own Missouri River
and to all the waters upon the Earth. The Missouri will carry our loving and healing intentions on to the Mississippi where it they will eventually join the oceans.
Directions to LaBenite from the South: Take I-70 to 291 Highway in Independence. Take 291 North and make a right just before the bridge over the Missouri. From there you will see the sign. The park is right next to the bridge.
Directions from the North: If you are coming from NKC, take 435 South to 210 East. Take 210 to 291 South. Cross the bridge and take the first left. From there you will see the sign. The park is right next to the bridge.

Call 816-833-1129 for more information.


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