World Sound Healing Day


All My Relations —

World Sound Healing Day is coming up.  Scheduled on the ‘Day of Love’, February 14th, World Sound Healing Day provides us with an opportunity to join our hearts — and sounds — with loving people all over the planet to create a vibration of love and healing.  

And it is simple to join in.  Just be aware that from noon through 1:00 on February 14th people will be sounding a simple “AH” sound with love and an intention of healing for the Planet.  So sometime during that hour, tap into this loving vibration by joining with your own simple “AH” sound.  It does not have to be loud.  Just loving.

If you can get a group to join together and create more “AH”s, that would be incredible!  The “AH” sound opens up the heart chakra and stimulates the ‘trust’ hormone oxytocin.  If you get a group together, you’ll definitely want to end with a hug because oxytocin could also be called the ‘cuddle hormone’!   

If you don’t have a group, but you’d like to participate with a group, let me know.  I’m going to be working to get small groups started all over the Kansas City area.  If you are starting a World Sound Healing Day group, let me know so I can refer people to you.

For the history of World Sound Healing Day, and to “officially” register your event, go to  World Sound Healing Day was created by the Master of Sound, Jonathan Goldman and his wife Andi.

Whatever works for you, even if you are sitting in your office somewhere alone, I hope you will add your loving intentions to this global wave of healing sound.  Noon, February 14th.  



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