George Moon, Linda VanBibber and Ramie Haas combine their sound healing and guided meditation skills to take you on a journey through the Chakra Energy Castles of the inner self.  Ramie’s beautiful and skillful guided meditation adds intention and visualization to the frequencies created by Tibetan Singing Bowls, tuning forks and chimes. 

In deep states of relaxation, we access immeasurable possibilities for inner peace and healing of body, mind and spirit.  Science has shown that endorphins 800 to 1,000 times more powerful than morphine are naturally available to us, produced by the pineal gland.  

Certain frequencies initiate a “frequency following response” which promotes the release of these chemical and creates synchronization and balance of the hemispheres of the brain.

Concerns about time and space are suppressed and the frontal lobe brightens, explores and dreams. 

George, Linda and Ramie also teach a variety of healing modalities and offer individual private sessions.


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