Friends of Harmony Energetics: Lynn Soulier


Lynn Soulier –


Owner, Gardens of Delight


Lynn Soulier is the owner of Gardens of Delight, a HealingCenter near Parkville which also offers a beautiful community garden.  Gardens of Delight helps transform our health and well-being everyday through nature:  Natural Healing Therapies, Products and Workshops.


  • Energy Healing Classes
    • Intro to Energy Healing
    • Want More Energy and Balance?
  • Healing Hands – Partner Workshop 
  • Essential Oil Classes
    • Introduction to Essential Oils
    • Headache Free Naturally 
    • Easing into Menopause 
    • Skin care Naturally  
    • Balancing Women’s Health 
  • Herbal Wellness Programs
    • The Healthy Herbal 
    • Herbs for Men 
    • Herbs for Mobility  
    • Restoring Balance to Depression
    • The Herbal Tea Garden  
    • Herbs and Spices Around the World
    • Herbal Power of Love  



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