Friends of Harmony Energetics: Jeff Klein


Jeff Klein,  –


Owner, Health and Wellness Center LLC, Westminster, Colorado


Director of Operations, The Institute of Transformational Studies


Jeff Klein, an internationally recognized energy and sound healer, conducts a sound healing experience known as Crystal Singing Bowl Concerts.  Aligning all your energy centers and more, you are invited to journey to realms of deep inner peace, stress relief and pure joy with this exquisitely soothing and healing experience.


Jeff Klein has been an energy healer for over a decade and has been offering crystal bowl concerts for almost as long. “What some might consider miracles happen at every crystal bowl event,” says Klein


 “When the crystal bowls are played,” says Klein, “the harmonic frequency wave penetrates the physical, mental, emotional and subtle bodies, cleansing and purifying, even on a DNA cellular level.”  These crystal harmonic sine waves bring us into a state of balance, vitality, relaxation and an overall sense of well being.


Jeff also offers corporate and studio workshops on the value of meditation for the management of stress and stress related illnesses.



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