Linda VanBibber: Founder of Harmony Energetics LLC

Linda V

Owner, Harmony Energetics LLC

Sound Therapy and Consultation


Linda VanBibber is the founder of Harmony Energetics LLC.  Linda has found sound therapy to be of great value in her own life and has accepted a mission to provide the education and experience required to bring this powerful healing modality to everyone.  Linda, a former marketing executive, has changed her professional course because she believes in the importance of this mission.  Linda has practiced trance drumming for the past ten years and is an ordained minister, a Reiki Master and a founding member of the Kansas City Council of Grandmothers, a local cooperative of wise women who offer a variety of services in the Kansas City metropolitan area.   Linda is certified to offer a variety of tuning fork therapies and has completed the Sound Healing course of study offered by Jonathan and Andi Goldman. 

Linda offers sound therapy sessions and equipment and can be contacted at or 816-833-1129. 



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