Friends of Harmony Energetics: George Moon, RN

George Moon, RN

Connectivity Therapist, Healthy Life Choices, Excelsior Springs, MO  

George Moon is a founding member of the American Holistic Nurses Association. George has been a Reflexologist for 50 years and Holistic Bodywork Therapist for 30 years. He blends a wide range of healing modalities, including ‘Therapeutic Touch’, Deep Tissue Bodywork, Cranio-sacral Technique, Hydrotherapy, Sound Healing and the use of essential oils.  As a Registered Nurse, George is able to combine his mechanical knowledge of the body with intuitive energy work. Image

Vibration and energy approaches to healing have been a major focus of his work. George has studied Harmonics and Sound Healing with Jonathan and Andy Goldman, founders of the Sound Healers Association, and Dr. Anthony J. Palombo, D.C. author of Sacred Anatomy and specialist in Sound Healing and Attunement.  George offers a broad range of classes for both professional development and personal enhancement.  These classes include:

  • Beginning Sound Therapy – C&G Tuning Fork Class
  • Holistic Bodywork
    • Indications for Utilization of Hands-on Therapy    
    • Benefits of Massage  
    • Reflexology: Fourth Dimensional Body Holographs of the Extremities
    • Cranio-sacral Technique 
    • Chronic Pain Release with the Cherokee Healing Crystal and Hydrotherapy for Today  
    • Connectivity: Blending Therapeutic Techniques
  • Medical Astrology and Stellar Healing: Four Sessions
  • Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils    

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