The Science of Sound

The Science of Sound – What it does and why it works

An article by George Moon, RN

Within our common inheritance as human beings, found in deep states of relaxation, are untold possibilities for inner peace and healing of body mind and spirit.  This potential for inner peace is found in the focused activities of the mind commonly referred to as prayer, meditation and deep trance states. We have been mistaken to think of body, mind and spirit as separate, as all matter is essentially vibration. We are energy fields with bodies, not bodies with energy fields.  In other words, we are spirit.

Science has shown, with magnetic imaging of the brain and the understanding of our biochemistry, that endorphins 800 to 1,000 times more powerful than morphine are naturally available.   Certain tones and rhythms initiate a “frequency following response” creating synchronization and balancing of the left and right hemispheres.

In response to sound, a decoupling of the medulla and the frontal lobe of the brain occurs releasing us from the cares of the day; the medulla calms, normalizing the physiological indices – heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure.

In deep relaxation the parietal lobes electromagnetically dim out, releasing concern about, and limitation to, the immediate surroundings, freeing the frontal lobe to brighten, explore, dream and create.

Within this field,

. . . the pituitary gland releases endogenous opiates which are the precursors to the release of nitric oxide. . . [freeing] consciousness from concern with the body and daily activities by its sedating effect, leading us to great feelings of well being.  The nitric oxide release catalyzes the body to heal, detoxify, and, in general, take care of itself.  This allows our conscious awareness to move into higher states[1].

With the experience of sound in sacred purpose, we enter a deep state referred to in Tibet as the ‘Bardo’.  This is the doorway to an immense world of healing and creativity available to us all.  Here we are freed of the limitations of our physical body and can experience Aladdin’s magic carpet ride “with wings that glide effortlessly through the energy currents of life into the higher realms of consciousness[2].”  We come in contact with the conscious awareness of our own Inner Light.

Relaxed, creative and balanced, we are returned to the natural state of our own Perfect Spirit, our light body, our Perfect Nature.  Peace is found. Ecstasy is available.           

[1] Human Tuning by John Beaulieu, 2010, pp 107.

[2] ibid


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