George Moon, Linda VanBibber and Ramie Haas combine their sound healing and guided meditation skills to take you on a journey through the Chakra Energy Castles of the inner self.  Ramie’s beautiful and skillful guided meditation adds intention and visualization to the frequencies created by Tibetan Singing Bowls, tuning forks and chimes.  In deep states […]

Friends of Harmony Energetics: Jeff Klein

Jeff Klein,  –   Owner, Health and Wellness Center LLC, Westminster, Colorado   Director of Operations, The Institute of Transformational Studies   Jeff Klein, an internationally recognized energy and sound healer, conducts a sound healing experience known as Crystal Singing Bowl Concerts.  Aligning all your energy centers and more, you are invited to journey to […]

Friends of Harmony Energetics: Lynn Soulier

Lynn Soulier –   Owner, Gardens of Delight   Lynn Soulier is the owner of Gardens of Delight, a HealingCenter near Parkville which also offers a beautiful community garden.  Gardens of Delight helps transform our health and well-being everyday through nature:  Natural Healing Therapies, Products and Workshops.   Energy Healing Classes Intro to Energy Healing […]

Linda VanBibber: Founder of Harmony Energetics LLC

Linda V Owner, Harmony Energetics LLC Sound Therapy and Consultation   Linda VanBibber is the founder of Harmony Energetics LLC.  Linda has found sound therapy to be of great value in her own life and has accepted a mission to provide the education and experience required to bring this powerful healing modality to everyone.  Linda, […]

Friends of Harmony Energetics: Dr. Rainbow Mooon

Dr. Rainbow Mooon Crystal Mirror Awakening Dr. Rainbow Moon has developed a series of workshops called the Wisdom Strategies. Dr. Mooon introduces shamanic, intuitive, and spiritual practices as well as the latest scientific information on unraveling the unconscious childhood experiences which create life choices and physical and mental health patterns that may no longer work. […]

Friends of Harmony Energetics: Regina Compernolle

Regina Compernolle   Owner, Sacred Earth Arts   Regina Compernolle has been involved in energy healing for over 15 years.  She is also adept at visual and performing arts.  Regina is  the owner of Sacred Earth Arts LLC and is well known locally for her cover designs on the Communiversity Catalog.   Regina is the founder […]