About Sound Healing . . .

Einstein said that we cannot separate matter and energy: they are the same.  They are different frequencies of vibration.  We are energy bodies.  Our bodies are composed of multiple systems of energy vibrating at various frequencies.

We each have an optimum frequency and we can become out of tune, much like a musical instrument.  This state can become excessive, resulting in dis-ease.  Each organ, gland, muscle and bone in our physical energy bodies has its own specific frequency and at-tunement. When an organ is out of tune, it becomes dis-eased and if it is not re-tuned, it will eventually through the entire body out of it’s optimal vibration.

Because of the universal phenomena of ‘frequency following response’, sound therapy is able to re-tune our bodies, our minds and our spirits.  These bodies have profound abilities for healing if they are allowed to be released from stress. Through sound we can reach deep states of relaxation and at-tunement.  We can find our own frequency and return to a state of homeostasis.  This is also true of our brainwaves which can be entrained through a frequency following response to the appropriate frequency for moment whether that is beta for focused task orientation, delta for deep sleep or simply for an increased sense of balance and well-being.

Volumes of research are available concerning the healing effects of sound.  John Beaulieu, ND, Phd, has done a great deal of this research and is sometimes called the godfather of sound healing.  A Naturopathic Doctor, Beaulieu oversees molecular research on the healing effects of sound.  Beaulieu has observed that certain frequencies cause a release of chemicals in the brain which have a sedating effect, releasing the listener from daily concerns.  In his book, Human Tuning, Dr. Beaulieu explains that there is release of nitric oxide in the body which “catalyzes the body to heal, detoxify, and, in general, take care of itself.”   For more information on the research concerning the use of sound as a healing modality visit the Sound Healers Association (SHA) website at soundhealersassociation.org.

Harmony Energetics LLC is a member of the Sound Healers Association (SHA) and the International Sound Therapy Association (ISTA). 




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