It’s all about vibration, frequency and intent . . .


Jonathan Goldman, a renowned teacher and sound healer, has summed sound healing into a succinct formula: Frequency + Intent = Healing.

Everything that is, exists in a state of vibration.  Ancient accounts of the creation tend to agree that the world was created by sound.  Does this sound familiar?

  • “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God”.
  • “And God said, Let there be light and there was light”.

Or this?

  • “In the beginning was Brahman with whom was the Word.  And the Word is Brahman”.

Whether a “word” was spoken, a song was sung or an instrument was played, the accounts all agree on one thing: sound, or vibration, creates the universe.  Modern physics has validated these ancient beliefs.  Everything is in a state of vibration: what we call reality is composed of tiny strings that vibrate according to various frequencies.  We are sound.

If we are sound, then we can change our bodies, minds and spirits by the application of sound.  We each vibrate at a specific frequency.  Each of our organs also vibrates at a specific frequency.  Our cells also have their own frequencies.  When all these frequencies are ‘in tune’ we are in harmony and we are in sound health.

When we are ‘out of tune’, we experience disharmony and dis-ease.

Due to the phenomena of resonance and entrainment we are able to re-tune our bodies by bringing them into proximity with the sound of their appropriate frequency.  When a healing intention is added, healing occurs.  It’s that simple.

And if our world, our planet, is also sound, we can make a huge difference by joining our sounds together for the healing of our planet.  Dr. Emoto’s work has demonstrated the effects of sound on water, which composes approximately 80% of everything we know.

Healing with sound is not new; there are accounts of many ancient cultures using sound not only to heal, but to create other specific effects as well.  There are thousands of  mantras and each mantra is intended to create specific changes.

Sound healing modalities include:

  • Aural enhancement technology
  • Mantra chants
  • Music therapy:
  • Natural acoustic instruments
  • Resonate-frequency therapy
  • Sonic entrainment technology
  • Sonopuncture
  • Toning
  • Tuning fork therapy
  • Voice analysis therapy
  • Vibroacoustic therapy

Harmony Energetics offers many of these sound modalities, as well as Rieki and other energy healing practices, and is working to create a network of practitioners to bring all of these modalities to you.

Contact us to learn how you can heal yourself – and our planet – through the use of sound.


This information is adapted from a variety of sources, but relies heavily on information presented in The Seven Secrets of Sound Healing by Jonathan Goldman.  Jonathan is a world-renowned sound healer.  He and his wife, Andi Goldman, present sound healing workshops all over the globe, including an annual “Sound Healing Intensive” at Sunrise Ranch near Loveland, Colorado.

Harmony Energetics donates 5% of the sales of all Jonathan Goldman products to a local scholarship fund for the annual “Jonathan Goldman Sound Healing Intensive”.  Scholarship recipients may also be eligible for additional funds from Andi Goldman.  Contact us for more information at 1-800-833-1129 or


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