About Harmony Energetics

Harmony Energetics LLC was founded to provide healing assistance using sound, geometry, color and scent. The current shift in consciousness and vibration elevation, which is well under way at this point and accelerating rapidly, is causing a great deal of stress for all the beings of Earth, human, animal and devic.

Harmony Energetics LLC is currently undergoing its own shift in service offerings and scope.  Now located in Topeka, KS, Harmony Energetics now includes the visual and written art of Linda Daniels and hopes to offer publishing services to other new authors.

Linda recently published her volume of poetry, Moments in the Mandala, which is available on Amazon.  momentsbookcover

Call or email Linda Daniels for additional information, to register for workshops or schedule sessions: 785-350-2941, laylahv@swbell.net.

Healing the planet, one frequency at a time.

NOTE:  Payments for workshop registrations are made through PayPal. 

Please send me an email to register and I will send you a PayPal invoice.


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